Pet Products

Cuddler Beds

We offer a complete range of innovative cuddler beds that meet the core sleeping needs of small-to-medium sized dogs and cats. Our cuddler beds are designed with special features like high walls and added filling to optimize sleep quality and comfort.

We offer an innovative and uniquely functional array of huts that meet the core sleeping needs of cats as well as small breed dogs. This category includes our best selling range of 2-in-1 huts that are convertible into cuddlers.

We develop high-quality, functional, and fashionable pet products that are accessible to the everyday pet parent. We believe the products you use for your pet are an essential foundation for their lives, providing the basis for better behavior and better health.

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Large Breed Beds

Our large breed dog beds are designed to provide added weight and joint support by utilizing materials like high density foam. We also use high-performance fabrics and materials that include features such as : anti-microbial, odor-resistant, chew-resistant, waterproof, self-cool, self-warming.


Our range of orthopedic pet beds combines functional design with orthopedic materials that promote joint support and provide added relief. Materials include memory foam, high-density foam, and our patent pending Pet SUPER Mattress.

Cat Furniture

We develop chic yet functional cat furniture that satisfies the daily activity needs of cats while integrating with the décor of the home. Our cat furniture utilizes furniture-grade home textiles fabrics.


We produce feeders made from porcelain, metal, wood, and melamine. Our feeders are all designed with either metal or porcelain linings to promote a healthier and more sanitary feeding experience.